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Todays Post

My milestone (the one that has been around my neck)

Today marked a milestone, one I think I am supposed to be proud of. A day that I thought would never come and secretly wished would never come. I will pre-warn you that this post may become quite ranty (not sure that is even a word!). You see today I have given in to the pressures of modern capitalism and eventually decided to pay my student loan back, using a bank loan, eyeroll. I could cry, from anger, sadness and a general feeling of being ripped off. I will take you back to the start to give you some perspective on all of this! So firstly, I was luckily always supported by my family to pursue my dreams and do something I loved. Something I was good at. Maths was out of the window, PE? No chance! So I decided to stick to my love, my passion and that was art. I loved it, it was something that made me feel good, that I was good at, I looked forward to doing. All those things and more. I had dreams of becoming an artist, of living in a house with a studio, of always being cre

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