8 wheeling it to my midlife crisis!

Well I have been a little bit MIA recently, (not on social media might I add, so let’s hook up there too, if we aren’t already) I have been busy, working, running and generally losing days. It is so weird how fast the days are going. I will be working full time so soon and had so many plans, which seem to not really be happening, there’s literally not enough time in the day.

I have however had time to shop, which is always great. I actually initially went as I wanted some new clothes for my new job, I am not sure if I get any kind of uniform, so I wanted to be prepared, the thought of having to choose an outfit every day fills me with dread! Flashbacks to non-uniform days at school, this is what I blame. I was really lucky as I managed to get some great designer makes with 70% off, so they were a really good price and amazing quality. I am not sure about you, but I sometimes could cry paying so much for clothes. I think it is because fashion can change so quickly. I don’t mind paying more for basics, they never go out of fashion.  I just love the buzz of a bargain buy, which has seen me buy stuff, just for the sake of buying previously. I have been known to buy shoes that are the wrong size and clothes I could “grow into”, or “lose weight for”! False economy is what that was.

This weekend saw me receive some amazing presents from the fella, so this is even better, as I got the sale buzz and paid nothing! The first thing I got was on Saturday, we went to a department store, as he needs some new shoes for work and every day. Luckily the sales are still on in The Netherlands and there are still some amazing deals, especially on designer labels. However he never got his shoes, he bought himself a pair of jeans and a polo shirt and me a pair of black Cruyff trainers, (very Dutch and something I always wanted), so I am so happy with these. See the link below and let me know what you think. 


Anyway after a look around a few other shops we went to a sports shop, something I would never have been interested in a few years ago. However, I wanted to look at some running stuff, which has also turned into some kind of obsession. Who knew buying new sports clothes could be so much fun! This was when I saw them, something that took me back to being a kid and stirred up something in me, excitement and possibly the true indication of me heading headfirst into my midlife crisis. Yes, I was roller skating (really badly and shakily) around the sports shop within minutes. I was in love, with some roller boots! I was there, a kid again, whizzing around the shop, crashing into the shelves and obviously had a small audience, embarrassing, but who cares YOLO! Please can I add that I was really good as a kid at this, it is now a lot harder to master. I grabbed onto the shelving, which almost put me on my arse, as it was actually just some flimsy plastic, but the smile on my face said it all, I needed these roller boots. After some careful, adult consideration and the fella saying I would need to wear a helmet and the other protective gear if I got them, I decided maybe the best thing was to think long and hard about whether I should buy them or not. My nickname is not Bambi for nothing, after all. All night I kept mentioning how I wished I had bought them, but that I would wait and see.

Yesterday (Sunday) I went to work, it was a long shift, but I am now on countdown to my last day there, before I start my new job. The fella picked me up and when we got home, we decided we would have a snack. I went upstairs to change into my PJ’s, (because this is the first thing I do when I get home) I’m not sure why I have so many clothes, as I could live in PJ’s.  Anyway I opened the spare room door and there waiting for me was, you guessed it…. The roller boots with the protector pads and a note from the fella. I was so excited, it really felt like Christmas! So there I was (at the age of 38!) Flying from one side of the bedroom to the other in just my knickers, some protector pads and my work blouse! Now there’s a visual you wish you never had. The best thing I was wearing, was the huge smile on my face. I even have to admit, I am headed to grow old disgracefully.


  1. Love it!!!! Gotta embrace your inner child and go all out! Im convinced this age gracefully thing is definitely NOT a real thing. An how your guy spoils you ;) Hope you stay safe but have great time with those roller skates!!!

    Hiro | http://twistedpaths.org

  2. Thank you, I will be a kid forever that's for sure!


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