Flying in my Wingz™

When I saw the Wingz concept I knew I had to try them, so I was over the moon when they dropped through my door. I know what you are thinking, why would anyone get so excited about a small amount of material? Well as I revealed earlier in my blog, I am a psoriasis sufferer. So when it comes to flare ups and short sleeves the pain is real.

At this time of year my skin flares up a lot and it just so happens to coincide with party season. You know when you are supposed to get dressed up and enjoy yourself! Whilst not being self-conscious at all, easier said than done.  My wardrobe seems to get smaller, the worse my skin and confidence gets.  So I knew I had to try these, to expand my wardrobe again.

I was happy to see that there was a video on the site to show you how to put your Wingz on, prior to me receiving them, because I am a bit useless and was worried I might have to call the fire brigade to cut me out. However when I received the Wingz, they were easy to wear, just put them on like a top (label to the back) and put the strap under your bra, simple!  I ordered the long length, as I am fairly tall and was pleased I had, as they were a nice length and didn’t ride up throughout the evening. There was also no obvious join, or slips which showed off my skin.

I started experimenting with items I could not normally wear, or would have to wear a long sleeved top underneath. You might think that Wingz are the same as wearing a top under your dress, top etc. But they aren’t because of the fact they do not have a neckline it opens up the possibilities of what you can combine them with. For instance, I chose to try them on with a dress and top with low necklines and both had different neckline depths and shapes. It was great because this meant that the overall look of the garments weren’t altered apart from the arms/sleeves. Due to this design these are also great for the summer, as you don’t have an extra layer of clothing on, yet you are still covered. The part that goes under your bra is made of elastic and very soft, so it never felt uncomfortable.  I also tried them as a cold shoulder look, which worked well, so even more looks with the same items in my wardrobe (don’t tell the fella, us girls just need more clothes sometimes).

I am now wishing I also had the lace sleeves, so think that will be my next purchase. There are a nice range of designs, lengths and colours to suit everyone and are ideal for people who are conscious of their bingo wings, scars etc and all come in a great size range. I think the fact that these work is due to the designer and creator, having a condition called lipoedema, which can make the skin on the tops of your arms uncomfortable and even painful, so they have been designed for purpose and really well thought out.

They are versatile and can be combined in ways that you can actually add to your existing wardrobe. I showed my mam a photo of me in the dress and she asked where I got it from, then I explained that it was my old dress and I just had the Wingz under and she was surprised how different it looked. It can make dresses look more suitable for the office, vest tops more winter ready and you can generally have fun playing around with the looks. The one and only downside I could find is that these have to be washed on a cold wash, or dry cleaned. This is only because I am really clumsy, so tend to forget or just put everything in together, I have made some lovely kids woolly jumpers out of my fellas (if he insists on buying wool, what does he expect?).

Why not take a look, the price means they are also affordable so you can treat yourself for the upcoming Christmas parties and everyday wear.


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