Hope at Christmas – Keeley Holmes

Hope at Christmas – Keeley Holmes

I always really enjoy it when someone gives me something to review for you lovely lot! I especially love reviewing books, mainly because I have always hoped I would write one. I feel like anyone who has managed to write a book, think of an entire plot, characters, etc. then put pen to paper and had the guts and ability to get it published is already a bit of a legend! Secondly, I love reading and I love seeing other people’s styles of writing. So win, win. I have never read any of Keeley’s work, so I was very curious.

Anyway, enough about me and more of what I thought about Keeley Holmes’s book, “Hope at Christmas”. Firstly, you know me I love Christmas, but I did think, “Oh this is a bit early/late”. Don’t worry, it really isn’t all about Christmas, in fact it is more a love story. Now it isn’t the predictable, slushy stuff that you might initially imagine, there are twists and turns, as well as will they, won’t they moments . We should also mention that there are some steamy scenes!

I couldn’t decide if I liked Hope’s main love interest, Daniel, I went through times thinking he was a selfish, controlling prick, to thinking he was nice, thoughtful and loving. A bit like real life, I guess!  

This is one really nice thing about this book, there were times when I could identify with the main character, Hope. She swears, gets herself into awkward and clumsy predicaments, something I can definitely identify with. There is an honesty and humour to Keeley’s writing style.

What is really nice is the fact that Hope has a vulnerability, a past that is controlling her future and her decisions. She is scared to move on from her past, afraid that she never will be able to, so she has built up a bit of a wall. The past plays a big part throughout the book, as do secrets. Towards the end of the second half I really wanted to know what had happened with “Dickhead, (her ex), to have made her this way (let’s face it we all have at least one ex we call Dickhead). I won’t tell you if you do find out, you will have to read it to know!

Not only is the hurt and vulnerability due to her ex, but also the way she has been treat by her family, mainly her mother. Something that Daniel can relate to, given his relationship with his own family. Both families however, come from very different backgrounds, which adds another dimension to the story.

I loved the friendships that Hope had, ultimate squad goals. She had people who had her back, but all in their own individual ways. You have the gobby one Izzy, the thoughtful one, Lacey, etc. We all need a true friend group like Hope. It reminded me of my friends and goes to prove that true friends always have your back, and at times are brutally honest, but because they care. It feels like there are a lot of real life experiences within the writing of this book.

The only real criticism I had, is small really. Firstly, it took me a while to get into the first part of the book, as I found it a little more predictable, however it was worth reading on for all of the ups and downs, I really got into the second part.

Other than this I think this is the perfect book to take on holiday whilst sipping a cocktail, or while having a cup of tea on a Sunday afternoon. Check out Keeley’s website for more info and take a look at some of her other books below. https://www.keeleyholmes.com/


  1. This sounds right up my street! Will have to give it a go, and if you ever do get around to writing that book make sure to let me know! xx


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