Caution I use the word anus!

Well my 2018 has already been pretty up and down! You see due to some personal stuff there was some down moments, in the beginning. However now I have just found out that I have landed a really good job. I am hoping I can make a career out of it and be successful at it all. No pressure, or anything!

However the downside to all of this getting older thing has reared its ugly head today!  You see I have no kids, no desire to have any and one of the reasons I didn’t want any was due to the fact I heard women, like my mam, talking about what the effects of childbirth are on your body.  I am not simply talking about a little extra weight, the eye bags thanks to the lack of sleep, or even what giving birth does to your lady parts. No I am talking piles. I always felt very smug that I would avoid these nasty little, (believe me they don’t feel so small) anus grapes. Yes, I said anus! I am sure they aren’t as big as they feel, but I can tell you that the pain and discomfort is making me walk like John Wayne! You see somehow I now have piles, really don’t know how, really want to know how to get rid of them though, like pronto!

I am having a lazy day today and I have to say thanks to the anus grapes and my tiredness, I am really feeling my age today. This is possibly also due to the fact I went for drinks last night and stayed up later than I normally do. Let’s face it, I am not used to it and I am getting older. Too old for school night drinks I think.  I really had fun, but I am so tired today and feel useless and really unhealthy. Do you get the same thing, or is it just me? I feel like I have been inhaling food all day. So all the running, etc. from this week was a bit pointless. I was also planning on going to Pilates tonight, but I think the arse visitors and the general knackered feeling have put me off. I am thinking watch some crap TV and eat the huge pizza I bought today. I went out in my pyjama top, shhh don’t tell anyone! Eek I am gross I know, but I was literally out for 15 minutes and I already knew today was not the day to do much. I knew I was going to be in my PJ’s for the majority of my day.

I have been on social media, which to be honest, means I lose hours of my life. Especially now I have Instagram, Twitter and Facebook just for this blog alone. It is hard work, don’t let anyone tell you it is anything else. You have to do all of your own marketing, never mind write and think of things to write. I know you are thinking here, “well today you wrote about piles, what an achievement!” . I am also not trying to make out my life is hard, when I have just confessed to spending all day doing very little, but I do wonder how I will be able to keep all of this up when I start working full time again, what with that, my running and Pilates, time may feel sparse. However, I am so excited to see what the rest of 2018 has in store for me, I am really hoping that this year is my year. Our year in fact. Have a great day and if no one has told you this today, you’re great! X


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