Spring/summer wardrobe dilemmas


Now I know what you are thinking! Do we still have 4 seasons, or are we stuck in autumn/winter forever? Well you heard it here first; I have seen a little bit of sun recently. Granted it’s appearance has been somewhat fleeting, think of the part of an extra who dies in the first scene of a movie. However, I am getting my positive weather hat on and I am rolling with it.

As some of you know I suffer from Psoriasis, so great they gave it a stupid name! This means that I have had to adjust to a life that is defined by my skin and how it feels on the day in question. It is an autoimmune disease and I hate it, however I am learning slowly to live with it. I have found that for all age doesn’t appear to have brought me wisdom, it has gave me tougher skin (pardon the pun).

Anyway, having the dreaded P means that where I used to relish the start of summer and the joys of wearing shorts and vest tops, I now start to approach the season with a bit of dread.  “OMG! what will I wear?”, “ How will I not boil alive?” and “ People will stare!”  All of these are thoughts that swim around my head and lead to an anxiety that has seen me throw my clothes around a room and burst into tears, like a toddler having a tantrum.

As you will see in an earlier blog post, I was introduced to Wingz some time ago. I loved them and the freedom they gave me to wear things from my more summery wardrobe and still be able to cover up when the winter killed my skin. Well, I will let you into a secret, I am now even more excited, as I have found that their laced Wingz allow me to do the opposite. I am now able to increase my wardrobe and let my skin vent, while looking stylish and feeling good, ok maybe I pushed my positivity that I am stylish, but come on, I am almost 40! (she typed while reaching for the Gin).

I was over the moon to get the chance to try these Wingz, as I knew how easy they are to wear. I always feel like a kid when I get the delivery, I know there will be some fun playing around with outfits. Last night I went out for a meal with the fella, I know the bin seems to go out more than me, but it means that I make more of an effort when I go out. So I decided to see what old dresses I had hanging in my wardrobe and seeing if I could give them a new lease of life. This is the result and I am pleased to say that I not only received compliments, I also felt covered, but not hidden and really comfortable. The pattern hid my crap skin enough, while the lace design meant the air was still getting to my skin. The sleeves are even long enough for a giraffe-limbed person so as me, which I was a little worried about.

Designer and creator,  Michelle Ellis has a condition called lipodena. Although it often begins as a cosmetic concern, it can eventually cause pain and other problems. Lipedema can be mistaken for regular obesity or lymphedema.  It can make the skin on the tops of your arms, plus your legs, uncomfortable and even painful. I think that you can tell that this has been designed with careful consideration and I feel like if you are conscious about your arms and don’t want to completely cover up, then this is the perfect solution.

So come on sun, keep on shining, not only have I got bbq meat in the fridge, I also want to keep playing with my Wingz and making new outfits.


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