I hate bullies, let's all be kinder

Well hello there, it is a late one from me. Today’s post was going to be oh so different than it will be. I was going to write about the snow, which is continuing to fall. That and the fact that Dutch people freak me out, they still cycle even in the snow. It worries, terrifies and amazes me all at the same time. However I have seen a video which has been posted online. A video that has spoken to me and is one that I would like to address.

This video is of a boy called Keaton and he is talking to his mam and asking why people bully him and others. His mam is asking why people bully him and what the bullies do to him and if they do it to others. Keaton goes on to explain that the bullies make fun of him because of his nose, call him ugly and tell him he has no friends. These horrible bullies poured milk on Keaton, put ham down his clothes and threw bread at him at lunch. He thinks the bullies seem to only pick on him, but he thinks that other people feel the same way as him. When his mam asks how it makes him feel when the bullies do this to him and others, he replies that it is not ok and that people who are different don’t need to be criticised . While Keaton is talking to his mam he is crying and breaking his heart, which in turn broke mine. Seeing such a sad boy, who should be having the time of his life, with no cares in the world and being a kid. However these awful bullies are making his life a misery.

I can totally understand where Keaton is coming from, as I was bullied all through school and I often still wonder what makes people do this and why bullying still exists. I also count my lucky stars that mobiles and social media weren’t around when I was younger, the youth of today being bullied don’t seem to be able to escape it 24/7.

I always thought I was to blame for the bullying, that there was something wrong with me. I was also bullied for my looks. When I wore glasses and then had braces fixed it was like Christmas came early for the bullies. I then decided to opt for being partially sighted and with braces, as I just couldn’t cope anymore. Keaton is right people who are different do not need to be criticised. I also count my lucky stars that I got psoriasis later on in life, even though at  the age I did get it didn’t stop the nasty comments and sly digs.

Bullying doesn’t only happen when you are young and in school either. No, it can happen in the workplace, at home and when you are a fully grown adult. Never think that it s because of you, this is all down to the insecurities of the bullies themselves. You are not to blame, not matter how old you are. Bullying can ruin lives and even end them. Please educate your kids, educate yourself and let’s all be nicer to each other. Don’t judge, don’t be mean and realise that everyone is different and this is something that should be celebrated and not condemned. Let’s all agree and stand up for Keaton, get on your social media and use the hashtag #standwithkeaton.


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