Spare a thought for others this Christmas
Well yesterday, as you will have read (she says hopefully) you will see how I was so, so happy and excited for all of the great things I have to look forward to this Christmas. Today, well since I found out about the passing of someone I know last night, I have also been thinking about those it will be hard for this year at Christmas.

As you are maybe aware one of the main reasons that I started my blog was following the death of a very good friend and neighbour. Like me he was Christmas crazy, we were always throwing the boat out with decorations and presents. I guess it has hit me that he is no longer here to enjoy and celebrate Christmas, or anything else for that matter. I suppose I am still in a little bit of denial that it has happened and I can’t believe I will never see him again. I keep thinking of his family and how hard it will be for them this year, the first Christmas without him there. It is such a shame that at times that should be joyous occasions, filled with love and laughter are so sad and lonely for some people.

You see, these are the times when the occasion can overpower the feelings that you try to push to the back of your mind. They are like a magnifying glass on the negative parts of your own life. They are times when you see and hear about what others are doing and who they are celebrating with. So if you have no one around you, or have lost someone you love it can feel like the obligatory festivities you feel you should be part of are something that you are totally left out of. At these times of year you never fully forget the people that should be around, the empty chairs at the dinner table, but over time it should get a little easier.

Spare a thought for others

Spare a thought for the older people, with no families or friends to share this time with. People who can’t afford to have a Christmas dinner, or presents. People who can’t afford to decorate their houses and give their kids the Christmas they want and deserve. While older people really do seem to suffer more than others, also spare a thought for the younger generation who have the added kick in the teeth of seeing posts all over social media. Where it now seems to be some kind of competition as to who can pile the presents the highest, who can spoil their kids more and who can, in general have the most amazing time. Before you go posting all of these lavish things, (which I am not saying you are entitled to) please spare a thought for others who are struggling at this time of year and who aren’t as fortunate as some of us.

If you are having a tough time this year, know that I, for one, would rather have memories than presents, they last longer and are priceless, the batteries won’t stop in a memory either. If you are feeling low and alone, please know that there are organisations you can contact who can help. Please know you are never alone. Contact me, if you like, just reach out and know that each and every one of you are in my thought’s.

Spread the love

Now come on people let’s spread some love, go give a Christmas card to an elderly neighbour, say hi to the person in the street, buy a hot drink for the homeless person you pass each day. If we all do a nice act of kindness the world will be a better place.


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