Share the Christmas spirit

Well I didn’t get the chance to go for my run yesterday, but I did go today. I feel so good after it, it is like it cleanses your mind. I really need that at the moment I have so much n right now, it is starting to feel overwhelming, if I am honest. I can’t even begin to explain the feeling I had when I realised that it was almost 2018!!! I feel like I have missed some years in-between. I am sure I missed the millennium that everyone was bigging up too! I actually can’t remember what I did, but my memory sucks. I am not even sure that I can blame my age.

Then the excitement started to sink in that it is nearly Christmas. A time to go home and spend time with my family and friends, in my home city, I really can’t wait! I love it, the travel back, like a kid, I am always so excited. Seeing everyone again, feeling the warmth and love. For me this is what Christmas is about. I am not even really bothered about presents, as long as I can give people theirs to put a smile on their faces I am happy. I always remember on Christmas Eve not wanting to go to bed, because I wanted to see Santa. I was always told “The quicker you go to sleep, the quicker it is tomorrow and you won’t have to wait anymore”. This had an element of truth, as I was normally awake again at around 4am. I think you can safely say that backfired on my parents, ha. However when I was told to go back to bed and there was nothing left for me to open when I woke up again, then the joke was on me.

I am really organised this year, I think that this is mainly due to me having to travel and pre-plan. Also I don’t know about you, but even if it is February and I see something I think is a perfect gift, I will buy it. Granted I will then probably forget about it until I go to wrap everything up and will have bought 1 person 2 of the same things, or someone has loads and another person’s pile is empty. I am rather proud to say I am completely wrapped up. No Christmas cards written yet, I am always useless when it comes to these though. I think I might give up with them next year, I say this every year though.

The things that are a shame is obviously leaving everyone behind after Christmas, the stress that people feel before, during and after Christmas, because of Christmas, Lastly the fact that it is now seen as a competition to go out and spend, spend, spend when actually it isn’t possible for some people. Christmas and New Year are also very lonely times for some people, which is sad. So I think it is nice to try and give something back. If you see someone who is homeless, maybe just buy them a cuppa and say hi. If you know your neighbour is elderly and has no one, maybe just drop by with a card. It is the little things that will make the difference and please let’s remember the true meaning of this season. Peace on Earth and Goodwill to all men (and women, never really sure why we seem to be missed out of this kind of thing!) .

On that note I am off to watch another Christmas movie. Due to my crazy schedule at the moment, I might also not be able to post tomorrow, but will keep you updated! Have a great night all.


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