I am still here I promise

Hi all, hope you are well. Firstly I feel I need to apologise to you all, as I have been MIA for 2 days. I started my new job and to say that it is hard work would be an understatement. I am also finding it really tough going on my back. Like in a “it just took me 15 minutes to take off my shoes” kind of way. I am definitely too old for this kind of work now. Well maybe I am not, but my body has aged 90 years quicker than the rest of me ha. I must add that I actually even purchased a pair of medically approved shoes yesterday, I think they are normally for the elderly, bye bye high heels!

I used to work 90 hour weeks in hospitality, I think the most brutal was when I was a nightclub manager, the hours were pretty ridiculous. I remember having a day off once (yes it really was that rare that I remember), I was wondering why it felt so weird when I went outside and remembered that it was due to the fact I hadn’t seen sunlight for months. I must have been whiter than a sheet.

I also remember when we were having a drink one night after work, in the bar across the road and we thought our place was being robbed, it was the cleaners and it was 7 AM, these were also hard party days you see. When you work in this business partying kind of becomes your life and your colleagues like adopted family, probably as you don’t really see anyone apart from them and customers due to the weird working hours. The only people out and about at the times you work, are weird shift workers, people who work in the services like nurses, firemen, etc. Of course you might also bump into the odd vampire, but other than that you kind of agree to be in a weird pattern of living and working, see no family, or friends unless they come to you on a night out. I now have no idea how I did it, or maybe the fact that this kind of extreme work is what I have done for years it has prematurely aged my body.

So now I am sitting with my feet up and a cuppa for the first time this week. Planning another Epsom salt bath! I had one yesterday and it seemed to help. Please note that I am not actually 90 and that I hate baths, I normally have to be ill to go in the bath. I am a shower person for many reasons, some are as follows 1. You get hot and sweaty in and after a bath, thus defeating the object. 2. You are lying in what is essentially dirty water, yuck. 3. You need to have a shower after a bath to feel clean, way more work. 4. A bath takes way longer than a shower, therefore I am too impatient. So now you see my logic, you know showers make sense. Oh and I forgot, I am incapable of washing my hair in the bath, well obviously I can do it, but it always seems to be a bit of a fail especially when it comes to rinsing I always seem to miss a bit. I need someone else to do it for me. I can remember those halo type plastic bath hat things we had as kids. They were so your mam could wash your hair, without getting soap in your eyes, you know the ones that never worked, but your parents possibly put you in, just for their entertainment.

Anyway I am rambling now, possibly due to the fact that I am so tired, also from the fact that I have missed being able to talk to you guys. You know spout off and take you through my memories and thoughts.

I had some really good news today, which has made me very happy. As you all know, last week I was featured as motivational blogger of the week, which was a very pleasant surprise. Well this week I have only gone and won a prize for a poem of mine, about an abusive relationship that I was in previously. To read it, please follow the link https://www.fuzia.com/article_detail/14430/i-will-survive-this and as always any thoughts, feedback and the like are much appreciated. Thank you for reading my post today and I am sure to keep in touch, even if a little sporadically at the moment.


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