The concentration needed in pilates!

No one is more surprised than me that I went back to Pilates, not once, but twice already. I have to say I was even more shocked when the teacher said she could see an improvement. Granted this was said in a general way, but I can tell she is astounded by my flexibility, or lack of. I am not sure if it is just because I have to concentrate so hard to just try and take in the information, that I am actually improving, or if I am genuinely getting more flexible. (who am I trying to kid, after 3 lessons!).

What I have noticed though is that I am so busy concentrating I have no time to breathe. Honestly, last night as I was rolled in a ball, while holding my ankles, I do not suggest visualising this, or you might just be mentally scarred. Anyway the teacher is saying rock backwards and forwards, hold your stomach in, relax your shoulders, point your knees outwards, keep your heels together! So I was half way through and realised I had skipped one of her instructions; “breathe in and out”!. Luckily I realised, so didn’t pass out, I am sure my head was a nice crimson colour though.  I have to admit coordination, alongside flexibility,  is not my strong point.

So today I am going to take it easy, give my stomach muscles a rest, I mean a 1 day workout is enough per week right? I am going to write some things for my blog, review a piece of clothing this weekend too. I might have to put on some photos of me (which I said I would never do) , but then you can put a face to the writing, scary thought right there!

I will be going for a run too. How my weekends have changed, no more clubbing until 3 while eating cheesy chips and curry (or gravy) and waiting for a taxi. No I am going to be rather boring this weekend, but I actually have a lot to do. The highlight of today, could be the suspense of a Lidl big shop. I mean you never actually know what you might find in the golden aisles. You go in for a few items and then some money later you come out with some compression socks, a plant and an angle grinder! Bizarre, but I love it. I would never have thought I would say that either, a true sign I am getting older ha.

Well you lovely people, thank you for reading my brainfarts and ramblings. Have an a amazing weekend, enjoy every second, doing whatever you want to do and be happy in your own skin. I do also realise this post is as random as a Lidl shop.


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