My motivational Monday and what's to come this week

Hi everyone and happy Monday! My weekend and Monday has been a mixed bag I have to say! So some good things have happened, for instance I have been chosen to be a be featured as a Motivational Blogger of the Week on Sunday! Amazing and I have to say I am over the moon. Proof that giving up on your dreams isn’t the way forward. Go on, keep going, keep dreaming, you can do it.

I have also managed to put up the Christmas decorations this weekend and more of an achievement, I only swore a few times and only came out of the experience slightly stressed and scratched! I wish I could say the wrapping of the presents went as smoothly, but I have decided next year everyone will get a gift card, or a square, tin foiled wrapped gift. What a nightmare and 3 hours of my life I will never get back. How hard can finding the end of the selotape be and why do I always end up with random, small, pointless bits of wrapping paper? They are always too big to throw away (think of the trees and next year) and too small to be of any use, so I have an old Christmas gift bag which contains all the useless bits that I will probably never use. I mean when did I ever think that I would use so much coloured ribbon and make my presents look so pretty!

I know what you are thinking “It’s only bloody November Lynne!” Well this is true and I have to say this is early even for me, believe me I love Christmas. I have been watching Christmas movies since October! I am that annoying mate who keeps on singing Christmas jingles down the phone in a bid to make my mates happy, it amazingly tends to have the opposite effect. This is the thing you see, I am due to start a new job on Friday, with changeable hours and unsociable hours, so my life will be hectic again (like it isn’t already!!), so I want to be prepared. This is the thing with Christmas, people feel really rushed and stressed. Worrying about gifts, decorations and money. I am lucky to come from a family that is relatively chilled about all of this. For me the most important thing about Christmas is just spending time with loved ones and giving presents, love it when you see the smiles and it gives me a nice warm feeling. Of course the excessive eating and drinking ranks high on my list too.

I have decided that this week I would like to share some of my experiences regarding my recent job search and possibly continual job search, as I would like a more Monday to Friday schedule. I would love to say that this blog and everything that goes with it have meant I can do this full time, make money and not need a real job. Or even that I can get a very part time position that would fit in perfectly around my blog, but I am not that lucky and I am just new to all of this. I really underestimated how much time and work this would all take.

Throughout me looking for a job I have come across some strange things, some annoying things and some downright rude people and procedures. All of these I want to share with you this week. So if you are thinking that my writing seems to be a little bit random it is due to the fact that I have written these posts throughout my experience over the last couple of months. I would really like to open some people’s eyes as to how this process works for a female of a certain age. If you have anything you wish to share with me and the rest of the readers, I would love to hear from you.


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