I get annoyed when I think of you

So here I am, thinking of you,

Where are you now, what do you do?

Do you ever think of me and if so when?

Do you think of me as a lover, or a friend?

I get annoyed when I think of you,

I hate you and all the things that we used to do,

I would be happy never to see you again,

But then, I am curious, maybe we could try and be friends,

I loved you once, and for what? No really why?

You were not such a great guy,

I was blinded then and couldn’t see,

What was so bloody obvious in front of me,

You used me and treat me like shit,

I don’t think you ever cared, not even one little bit,

But you see I am a nice person, always my downfall, the weakness inside,

Which around you had nowhere to hide,

But you see how you thought your life would turn out so well,

I have a feeling karma came. I heard you fell,

Nothing more than what you deserve,

However the last time I saw you it hit a raw nerve, 

You have changed and not for the better, in fact I felt pity,

What happened that you let yourself get so shitty?

“Why do I care?” I hear you say?

Because for all I might not like you, I didn’t want to see you this way,

You see I am stronger now, No longer under your spell,

Thank god for that as we would never have ended well,

I kept my dignity and my charm,

Whereas you, you are now the only one you can harm.


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