Flypaper for freaks

Isn’t it weird how people can become obsessed with you? Like I mean it is never the George Clooney’s of the world, always the weirdos with psycho tendencies in my case. The strange ones you were nice to because you felt sorry for them, despite the warnings of others. Or in my case, see the best in people, which people think is nice, but can be a major downfall.

I remember when I worked in a bank, I was really flattered with the love letters and cute letters passed to me by a customer, (I was young, what can I say). After the months of effort he put in, I gave in and went on a date with him. Part pity, part thinking this could be the romantic ending, who knows.

We went on the date and it was going ok, until he started talking about me, when I was 17 and he knew where I had worked. I was almost 22 at the time of this date. Panic started to register the more he talked “Oh yes,  well I never wanted to buy anything (from the shop I worked in at 17). I used to get people’s money and come in for them, so I could see you”. He was annoyed and disappointed I didn’t remember him. He remembered the weirdest things about me, things I had forgotten. Irrelevant things, creepy things. Like how is it possible for someone else to know more about you than you and a stranger at that? We continued with the date, the warning signs flashing in my head.

I knew I had to put a stop to it. This was also the days before mobile phones, so I was shitting myself, to put it politely, so I said I needed to leave. I just wanted to get home. This was also the days before I had much common sense (debatable how much I have right now), or any geographical bearing in my own home town (sense of direction is still an issue actually). So I left and walked away. Of course he followed me, crying! As mentioned in an earlier post, I panic in a male crying situation. He then threatened to jump from the bridge if I left. This was turning out to be an educational (An education in just how wrong dating can go) and somewhat annoying date!

I just kept on walking (mainly to try and get him off the bridge) and went home. He never jumped, I knew he wouldn’t he was all tears,  tantrums and threats for guilt. I was just thankful that the dating experience couldn’t get any worse, or more creepy after that. Little did I know!!

This kind of thing isn’t restricted to my dating, oh no I seem to have a face people want to confess things to and I mean things about their sex lives and everything. In bus queues, shops and nightclubs to name a few locations of my weird encounters. This is how I got my nickname of flypaper. A friend of mine said no matter where I was and how packed a bar, or club was, the one weirdo would find me and latch onto me and I was a flypaper for freaks!


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