Did I run my 10km in under an hour?

Happy Sunday to you all. I am sorry that this post is a day later than I had planned, but I was knackered yesterday. “So come on, tell me what happened? Did you run the 10km under 1 hour?”, I can hear you thinking.

I only managed about 5 hours sleep on Friday night, mainly because the fella was out and I knew he would be coming back, so every noise I heard I thought was him. So I couldn’t sleep, I have a new found respect for parents, especially my mam who used to say she couldn’t sleep when I was out, I now feel your pain. I got to sleep around 3 am! I was so tired when I went to bed, so was not the happiest of people. I literally need perfect conditions to sleep, blackout blinds, comfy bed and my pillows, silence and an eye mask. I am freaked out by people who find it so easy to sleep and can just sleep anywhere at any time how is this possible, does your brain just turn off like the lights? As I had drank more water than normal ahead of my run, I was also peeing like a trooper, great!

So I woke up on Saturday rather dazed and befuddled, not to mention still tired. I was curious to see if I could actually do this 10km, I wasn’t convinced. I had my yogurt and pulled on my running gear, including my long very unsexy socks. It was bloody cold 2.5 degrees to be precise brrr. I packed my bag with my brand new running gear with the plan to change at the end if it rained and off we went. The fella was coming to watch me, I actually was feeling more sorry for the spectators today, due to the weather.

I met up with some of my running group and we got ourselves orientated, well I say this, but the course was so confusing I was still unsure where the hell I was running. Thanks to the rain on Saturday night the course was looking a bit boggy too! “If anyone breaks their necks slip sliding on the mud it will be me”, I thought.  There was a bit of waiting around, getting even colder and then we would start. We all lined up behind the half marathon starters and waited until it was our turn, had a little warm up and another pee!!! This was my fourth today.

Off we went, what a mess the start was, far too many people of all abilities, made it hard to actually run but we were off. Me with my goal of 10km under an hour in my head. I managed to break free from the pack, only for there to be a queue to go through a gateway! Great a delay. Then another queue, “Well there goes my time” I thought as we waited round 2 minutes in total also after the first aid bikers were in the middle of course. Rather ironically they were more of a hazard than anything else, maybe they wanted to be out of the cold. After the initial setbacks and my frustration we were off for real.

I would love to say it was plain sailing from then, but it wasn’t. Thanks to the cold I had cramp in my calves and I couldn’t feel my hands until 4km when they feeling came back as painful pins and needles. I am also sure my nipples fell off by 1km. I was finding it hard, but I really wanted to achieve my goal, I never thought I would ever be like this, what a difference a year makes. On I went, pushing through the pain and talking to myself to kick myself up the arse, “come on, you can do this!”. As if talking to myself wasn’t embarrassing enough, then the wind came, not from outside, but from me. Oh yes, I am so attractive, I was burping and trying not to fart for a good kilometre, or 2. I have to confess 1 sneaky fart did pop out and I felt better for it, even if it didn’t propel me to the finish line. Talking  of the finish line, it seemed to be taking a long time to get there, even after my improvement after 6km.

When my Garmin watch (I am such a pro, I know) beeped at 10km and we still weren’t at the finish I was really bewildered, so didn’t see my time. I kept on going until I saw the finish, which was now a bog and I ran as fast as possible and crossed the line at 10.7km. Confusion, relief and a sense of achievement was what I felt as I was given my medal. I then had to swim/walk over the now boggy swamp, which obviously then went through my trainers, Lovely!

All in all not a well organised event and I was still none the wiser of my time until I got home and checked my watch stats. Guess what, despite all the setbacks and confusion I ONLY WENT AND BLOODY DID IT 10KM IN 57.25!!! Still can’t believe it. I had a nice hot bath and washed the mud out of my toes and from under my toenails, I was starting to feel human again.

So you see this might feel like a nightmare to some people reading this and you might all think I am nuts, should be certified. I totally get that. I used to feel like that, but now I love running and for all of the crap parts I had, which by the way I added to be honest and to show no matter how crap it gets, how hard it gets, you can go on and still achieve. Which is why running has been good for me, goals are there to be achieved, regardless of the farts, cold and moments you have to stop. This counts for all areas of your life. You can do it. I believe in you and so should you.


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