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As I write this I am actually packing a small suitcase for my travels to the UK tomorrow. Can I just emphasise how difficult this task is. I mean why is it so hard to decide what to take? I am someone who likes to be prepared for all eventualities (I blame my stint in Guides for this) and I have to say with a weight and size restriction I find that hard. I am going for 2 days and 1 night, I have packed 4 pairs of knickers! I am not incontinent, for this I blame my mams “You never know” mentality. I mean this should be easier right? It should be so simple, but you just end up thinking you have forgotten something, should have brought something. I know I will be on route to the airport in the train (way too early) and treble checking everything convinced I have forgotten something, especially as I pre-planned outfits, so it has been easier than normal. I am so organised right now, it is scary.

The task is being made harder as I am returning to the UK for the first time in months and I really want to go to some shops there and I might (for might, read will definitely) buy things to bring back. I NEED an advent calendar for a start, Cadbury’s or nothing. I am not a big sweet eater, but I still need my Cadbury’s calendar, it is tradition. I also want to go to some UK clothes shops and I am hoping for a Christmas market. Christmas in The Netherlands is way different to what I am used to in the UK, so need my fix. I still always go home for Christmas, it is a magical (and stressful) time and my favourite part of the year. Here in NL they have Sinterklaas,(I will try and explain this at a later date) so it is celebrated more than Christmas, although it is now getting bigger here too.

Back to my packing, I need to think I have everything, while still leaving space for my impulse purchases. I don’t know about you, but before I get to the airport I will be panicking about the size and weight of my case. I am always terrified I have gone over. This has only happened once in my years of travelling and in my defence this was when I moved back to the UK after a summer season in Turkey. The price was so expensive per kg I had to unpack, leave half of my stuff and go back on holiday the following year to collect the stuff I left. When I moved from the UK to Turkey I also had to leave stuff (ok maybe twice) in my old place of work and I still never collected that, the place went bankrupt so not my laziness.

So I am going to go and over analyse my packing, possibly make a list and probably still forget something ha. So I will not be posting for a day, or 2. Please still keep up with my blog on here, Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/Almostmidlifeandlookingforacrisis/)  and Twitter (@AlmostMidlifeCr) . You guys make this all so worthwhile and make my day brighter, so a huge thank you. Sharing is caring, so please spread the word if you like what you read, it means a lot. I will be back real soon.


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one! :) Happy travels.

    1. No you definitely aren't alone and it wasn't so happy unfortunately, as you will see from my next post.


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