Turn back time!

Am I the only person who gets so bloody confused by the clocks going back (and forward)? Oh no wait the fella doesn’t seem to be getting the concept either (I find out after trying to explain I went to bed at 1 and not 2!) I stayed up last night fighting sleep until after 2, because I was smug in the knowledge that I was actually getting an extra hours sleep, which was ridiculous really as I was knackered. I also forgot that although I have no kids, the neighbours kids decided their body clocks would run on the same timing as always. I am always confused with the time at home in the UK and the time here in NL to start with, so no idea what time it is there now ha. 
So I am guessing you either decided to go to bed at the normal time and be twice as smug as me, because you really did get an extra hour of sleep. Or you were one of those enjoying getting that extra hour out of life. I mean I hope your extra hour of living was more exciting than mine, watching crap on TV, albeit while nursing a glass of port. I can guarantee that there were a lot of you at Halloween parties and are now sleeping off your hangovers.
Don’t even get me started about the lack of trust I have in all of the clocks in my house, especially my mobile phone. I even find myself missing the good old days when you were the one in control of changing the time and knew where you stood. Now I find myself so bloody confused, did the time change automatically, as it should? Am I now living in the future, or the past? Then, as I did today, wonder how I had been such a lazy cow until 2pm. Then realised there is one old fashioned clock, the one on the oven! So yes I am a tit and have been an hour ahead all day. Apart from the times I went back in time, but it took me hours to realise this L .

Then we have to hear ourselves and other annoying people for at least a week and a half, saying things like; “well, it is actually only( insert relevant time) ” and “Oh it’s dark already, but yeah it’s really 7pm and not 6”. You know like when you are back from your holidays and you continuously say things like, “This time last week” , “What a difference a week makes” and so on.
I am a true summer person, believe me and I really don’t look forward to the winter, but I love Christmas and being snug and warm in my house, when it is all cold outside. However I am now likely to be some kind of sad recluse and go into hiding. Where I used to go out in the snow in heels, with no coat ( I am a North Easterner don’t forget), now I will be hibernating and waiting for Santa.


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