Gusset (I hate that word) fail!

So as you all now know I have a regular physio, one I am not sure I am ready to commit to, as it involves shaving your legs regularly (even in bad weather) and stripping off in front of a stranger, who you will not be having sex with. As apart from the previous, showers and changing clothes I am NEVER naked, semi-naked or anything around that level of liberating my bits. Sex is now less of a priority, as you know “EastEnders is good tonight”, I can’t be bothered, etc. which is ironic considered my bits are now smoother than ever, Not as thorough as a first girls holiday abroad when you’re in your late teens, knowing you are there to impress, but you know just a few stripes of missed bits.
Anyway as well as the shaving there is the constant need to think about underwear and even outerwear to be honest. I mean you firstly need to wear something that isn’t now grey, that was bought white. I also am conscious that I do not want my physio to think that I am some sad, older woman who fancies him and thinks she is some kind of cougar out to snare him. I also do not want to be completely repulsive to the opposite sex and the talk of the physio’s staffroom.  Can you imagine the shame.  So this always leaves me not knowing what to wear, especially as I am usually being thrown around like a rag doll. Which leads me onto today. I thought I had done well with some plain black briefs and I mean I am not great with my memory, but I can never remember them flapping in the breeze, or giving me a front and rear wedgy! So you can imagine my panic when it felt that bits of my bits were falling out, as I was being thrown around by the poor lad. At one point I closed my eyes, hoping it would all go away and stop! The poor lad is probably lying in a darkened room now, subscribing to mind bleach and never wanting a kebab ever again! Do you think they  have their own hotline to The Samaritans?


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